Princess Adidi Al Adi

11th of her name and daughter of the Al’Shah royal family

''Knowledge is sharper than the sharpest sword, yet it takes wisdom to bring us closer to enlightenment''

Told as in the tales

Tales tell of a young princess blessed with natural beauty by the Twelve themselves. Her silky-smooth skin is white as snow and soft to the touch. The hair threads of the maiden are long and thin that droop over her shoulders like liquid honey. Her eyes big and a bright violet colour akin to that of an amethyst, acting as a gateway to her soul, betraying her every emotion. With lips that are red as blood and puffy cheeks with a peach-like blush. Her sensitive skin around her nose kissed by the sun that created tiny freckles as decorations. The waistline of the princess narrow and curvy hips that slim down in delicately soft thighs, features that look to be carefully sculpted as from porcelain.


Birth Name: Adidi
Surname: Al'Shah Adi
Nickname: Didi
Race: Lalafell,
Region of birth: Sharlayan
Gender: Female
Nameday: 6th Sun of the
1st Astral Moon
Age: 19 cycles
Alignment: Lawful good
Personality: The Peacemaker Enneagram Type 9
Patron Deity: Thaliak the Scholar

Princess Adidi has a shy demeanour, yet her gaze reveals an everlasting desire for knowledge that stems forth from her boundless curiosity. Her eyes act like a doorway to her heart with every single bit of emotion reflected like a mirror made from crystal. With a face that conveys the emotions even further with every feeling that Adidi feels translated within her expressions. She talks shyly, yet lively all at the same time by using her highly empathic abilities without even realizing it herself, evoking and portraying emotion. Her voice high-pitched and gentle, yet pleasant with articulation that resembles near singing.
As a princess, Adidi is known to change her hairstyle often and from a first glance, one might notice immediately that the girl grooms herself to even the tiniest amount of detail. Her hair is often worn long but is kept mostly in a manageable and stylish ponytail with a violet ribbon and blueberry-shaped jewellery. The princess has a wide range of different fashionable items, each serving their own purpose for the right occasion. Adidi accentuates herself often with little decorations, such as ribbons, feathers, flowers, or jewellery as a statement of her fashion. She's found quite often with a book with some of them exotic looking in nature, as she reads throughout Ul’dah or Ishgard at places that create a (to her) good reading ambience.
Adidi uses different types of perfume and discretely hides flowers inside her clothing or uses them as little decorating pieces. Her favourite scent is that of cinnamon, but she changes frequently to other scents such as lavender. The maiden takes much care in her cleanliness and one might even consider her to be a clean freak when it comes to her personal hygiene. Frequently bathing and grooming herself she wishes nothing more than to avoid hard work or getting dirty.

The fall of a kingdom

‘’ A start, an end, a rise and a fall. No kingdom eternal and no one immortal. Knowledge sharper than the edge of the sword.
Yet it is wisdom that strikes with the piercing of the word.'’

So were the words once of a near ancient kingdom located on the borders of the Sharlayan colony and Dravania. The kingdom shared many of the ideologies of its neighbours and held much in common, yet differed in the matters of politics. Knowledge to them was something to harness and with the use of said knowledge they wished nothing more than to enlighten the other denizens of Hydaelyn, since knowledge could bind people together and it is through knowledge that one could find enlightenment. The knights of Shah in their golden armour and with satin cloth worn underneath often in vibrant colours spread the knowledge like missionaries.
The capital of Al’shah was once a sprinkling hub for scholars and merchants alike, with pillars of marble that stood tall and proud. Unlike Sharlayan the Kingdom was led by a royal line of Lalafellin for centuries, but one unfaithful day changed destiny.
The young princess Adidi Al Adidi grew up in a short time of prosperity, yet it did not take long for that to change forever. The aggressive forces of the Garlean Empire drew near and the neighbouring cities, such as Sharlayan started to evacuate their citizens. However, the kingdom of Al’Shah stood proud and did not share the beliefs of their neighbour when it came to self-defence nor the protection of their libraries. Al’Shah blew the horns of war.

A fierce battle broke out and the few numbers of Al’Shahian knights stood bravely against the sheer overwhelming amount of Garlean forces. As a defensive strategy the aqueducts surrounding the city were blown up flooding the lands and thus preventing the magitek armor from reaching the outer walls of the capital city. Several big skirmishes followed and the Al’Shahian knights forced Garlemald into a stalemate. In retaliation and to prevent more casualties on their side did the forces of Garlemald unleash an artillery barrage, causing devasting damage on the defensive positions of Al’shah. Soon the brave knights started to capitulate and one by one they fell.
With the dangers of the enemy forces drawing near the Royal family ordered their most trusted loyalist to subtly evacuate the princess to safety with the use of a hidden tunnel system deep underneath the palace. However, time was not on their side, for they were not able to escape with them. The gates of the palace fell and the Garlean forces fought their way with their Garlean gunblade in hand. Lined up like cattle they slaughtered the once proud and ancient line of Shah like they would a lamb with the rain pouring down like tears from the heavens and the crows as their last witness.

The once proud pillars that held the gathered knowledge and wisdom have now crumbled down to mere ruins.

A new tale starts

This tale does not end here, but rather it starts. The young princess escaped with the help of her guardian at the age of 4 cycles young. It was there in the stable and prosperous citystate of Ul’dah that this guardian took her in as his own and only child. Adidi would become an Ul’dahnian lady and learn of the many traditions that are custom within Eorzea.

Her life becomes a heavily sheltered one and her true identity shall be hidden. Near any information that could trace back to her origins is now erased from the pages of history, both by the actions of Garlemald and her new family. The only thing that could betray her identity shall be her unusual eye colour and her pupils, which for a Lalafell deep within the inner circle of upper class Ul’dah is highly unusual. Her life shall be planned out from the beginning with each and every single choice already made.

An open diary with neatly written handwritings and colourful, decorated letters with decorative loops invites you to read its pages. Some of the pages include drawings that appear well drawn, yet others have what looks like damage caused by something watery. The diary might feel to some as an intrusive invasion of privacy when they read the very thoughts of a princess growing up.

My dear diary,
Today has been the greatest day of my life! I have been given a friend from father for my name day! He is mine, mine!!! I am so happy and this is for once the best thing father has done for me!
I have my very own feathery friend! Sure, he might be stinky and feathery, but I shall love him and cuddle him, adore him and oooooooh, I can dress him up real nice! I shall name him Lord Maximilian, such as in the crime novels I sometimes love to read.

Lovely diary,
Every time I walk down the streets of Ul’dah I cannot help but notice how everything is made to look glamorous, shiny and grand, yet… It feels so void. The streets filled with the poor and refugees that tried to escape war saddens me. I feel so bad, because what am I, Adidi Adi, to do about this all without the support of those that are the closest to me?
I wish to help, but they say that I cannot do that because as a lady I have different obligations. Blegh… I disagree.

Dear diary,
I do not care how much tutoring, education or politics they throw at me in this stupid city. I feel hurt that they think this way and the more I learn, the more I grow to despise it all. How does it come that such inequality is created by the actions of the ones in power? Is it not within our responsibility as the so called ‘upper-class’ denizens of Ul’dah to help the poor? If not, who else will?

Lovely diary and my dearest friend,
Today has been so weird. I felt very lonely again and felt nothing more than just crying. To calm down I tried to read, but I just could not. From down my snuggling corner on my loft I heard a weird noise. A banging sound, something like that. I was so scared, but decided to peek. I saw an older than me Miqo’te, and he was ruffling through my stuff. I do not think he heard me at first, but he collected weird things.
Books, my jewellery, some of my clothes, a hairbrush, some of my makeup kit, a couple of silver spoons and well… I do not know what to say to you, but I could not feel anger. I just felt pity. I let my presence be known to him and greeted him. I knew it was dangerous, but I felt that I could trust him within my instincts. He was shocked and kept apologizing. That poor, poor thing. I asked him on why he needed my hairbrush, since well… He was a boy and all. He looked embarrassed and said it was for his younger sister. He told me they lived a rough life on the streets. I just could not hear his story any further and asked him to collect his sister. I let him keep my stuff, and they surprisingly came back, both. We talked and talked. It was fun. Maybe they can be my friends?

Lovely diary,
Today I have been seeing R’anulf and Kireh. Oh, I am so glad they arrived so sudden in my life. They are good friends now. Kireh has been teaching me singing and dance! I love it. She is so good. Her voice sounds like a nightingale and her music makes me feel so happy. Maybe one day I can join the Songbirds with her help!

I feel sad and heartbroken. I practiced for days my singing and dance, so that I could join the Songbirds. According to Kireh I got noticely better and better, she even said that I started to outperform her! I had an audience with them, you see? And they brought me my dream in the news they shared! They asked me to join them, can you believe it?
But father… Father said that it was 'un-lady' like, what is that even supposed to mean? He said that I had other duties.
A drawing of a happy, dancing Adidi can be seen next to an Adidi with tears that dwell in her eyes

My dearest diary,
I am not sure what to write, but I will try. Father has once again decided for me and I hate it. I hate is so much! It is tradition for nobility, or so he says… To marry. An arranged one at that. But I do not wish to marry! The only thing I have ever wished for in my life was to make my own choices. By the Twelve, if he wishes for me to marry against my will I shall for once make my own decision. I shall head off to Ishgard and might as well study more about Astrology and Sharlayan there. Maybe, just very maybe I can join the Athenaeum Astrologicum! It would be say nice to learn about fate, what if I can learn to chose my own?

Oh, dear diary,
What would I do without you? Here you are for me to write down my thoughts and giving me some peace of mind, yet what do I give back? A broken mess. During this week I met a paladin, or well… I think it is one within Ishgard. She listened to me and said that she understood me. When she listened, she actually did listen and said that I should chase my dreams!
Maybe one day I will? To be honest, where to start. I am scared, I am afraid. I have been lonely for so long too, and… What should I do?

A drawing of hearts can be seen with an Adidi that stares dreamily at what seems like a beautiful Miqo’te
My dear, so dear diary,
I really should not write or well say this to you, but I will do it anyway. Since I really need to tell someone!
I feel in love. I’ve been meeting this beautiful Miqo’te and I feel drawn to her. Every time I think, it is about her and her alone. I love her and wish for her to be in my life. But she keeps warning me about her personality and it hurts, because again… It is her I want. I’ve been thinking of a plan to keep her close, because I need someone in my life! It might be risky, but… I want her as my lady’s maid.
We can be together, she and I.

My lovely diary,
Things are finally looking so much better and better and better! Have I told you that I have become very, very good friends with this Eastern woman? She is so nice. Maybe she too can be with me and my beautiful lovely dear! She told me that she is a bounty hunter, so I guess she hunts bounties like they do in the stories. Big and mean monsters. I admire her, she is so brave and cool, or can that be because I love her too? I do not know, nor do I care. She is like my bigger sister that I never had!

I need you, more than ever. I am confused, hurt and I do not know what to do. I have read a new book that I acquired and there were drawings of a queen. She is so beautiful, but her eyes and hair… They look like mine. What does this mean? I have always felt that my father feels off. He is hiding something. I know it.
The page becomes unreadable as the ink appears to be washed about by some form of liquid and the paper is damaged

Quirkiness gives character

Princess Adidi Al Adidi is shy, yet her curiosity appears boundless. She loves nothing more than a good story and asks many a question due to her very character. The way she conveys her emotion is lively and to some she may appear very fragile.
Her personality might be described as to sweet for her own good, and she has innocence that might be exploitable. The princess might come over as slightly naïve, but she is smarter than she lets on.
She is a hyper sensitive person and is able to feel emotions from others, causing her to feel overstimulated if she is not aware of this happening to her. This gift or curse depending on the situation is something she is learning to be more aware of, since it can make her feel vulnerable.
Adidi wishes to be friends with people and would do everything to help them out. Her heart is gold, yet her mind fragile since she aches after seeing so much injustice throughout her life. She is benevolent and is known to do charity work by gifting or aiding those in need.
As a bookworm she loves to read and can be fully immersed, sometimes even talking to herself while reading aloud. She likes to collect plushies and has quite the collection. Her love for animals is something that often conflicted with her upbringing, but she does not make her love for her chocobo a secret, since he is always dressed in the finest clothing. Maximilian, the chocobo and closest companion of Adidi is trained in combat by some of the best trainers within Eorzea and the two are inseparable since the first day they got each other in their lives. This irks the adoptive father of Adidi as he considers it behaviourism not fitting of a lady, let alone a princess. Yet she does not care, and she is at times even found talking to her bestie. Her very first friend.